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The Day the Fairytale Died

Princess Diana: Hundreds of years ago, she would have been beheaded.

One of a Kind

Katharine Hepburn is coming out of the icy surf of Long Island Sound on a bitterly cold day in February....

She Lived

Elizabeth Taylor: The most beautiful woman in the world was born with a pelt of black hair covering her skin. 

Talk about Pain

Marlon Brando's death at age 80 wasn't his first death, or his best.


Boy, 8

My brother looked both ways, then waited for the second hand to sweep to the top....

We Lose Public Libraries at Our Peril

The U.S. is beginning an interesting experiment in democracy: We're cutting public library funds...

Four Funerals and a Wedding

When the skeleton was brushed free in 2013, the head looked unhinged, as if it were howling.